Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures

A wide range of advantages and disadvantages of dentures help people with just a little investment compared to other teeth replacements.


Advantages of Dentures 


Following are some advantages of having dentures.


  • They are easiest to clean: 


Dentures are easy to clean because they are removable. With little effort, you can maintain your oral hygiene routine. For cleaning, you need a denture cleaner or soft-bristle toothbrush to make them safe from bacteria and plaque that causes the gums to lead to the disease.


  • Improve the look of your bright smile:

bright smile


Some missing teeth ruin your brightest smile. These dentures provide you with such a natural look of your teeth, and you can smile and talk freely to people without any fear or hesitation. You don't need to have a fear of what other people think? Dentures will help you regain the confidence of freely smiling when you are conscious about your appearance. They are also beneficial to prevent facial sagging and fill up the space nicely.


  • They are made for your mouth:


After examining, your dentists make the dentures for your mouth to be comfortable for you. It makes you talk and eat comfortably as you usually do. To create a replica for your mouth, your dentist examines your mouth for natural teeth. If your jawbone changes with time, your dentist will create another denture for your natural-looking teeth.


  • They are Cost-effective:


The replacement of dentures is less expensive than other procedures like dental implants and bridges.


  • Natural and lightweight:


Some modern dentures are not like their counterparts; they are lightweight material to look like natural teeth.


  • They support your facial features:


Dentures also support your facial features. They help your facial features by preventing them from missing teeth and sagging cheeks.


  • It reduces other further oral issues:


When you lack only one tooth, you may risk other teeth leading to gum disease. Dentures will help you to reduce this kind of oral issue.


Disadvantages of Dentures 


Following are the few disadvantages of dentures:


  • The major disadvantage of dentures is that they don't look as natural as dental implants do. The gums associated with dentures seem artificial, so one can easily guess if you have dentures.
  • Unlike other artificial teeth, which you wear permanently, you have to remove the dentures before sleeping. They may slip or fall off while sleeping and can cause damage to the tongue or gums if you put even a little pressure.
  • They can fall off while eating or slip away. It can be embarrassing sometimes when eating in public.




The disadvantages rarely happen, so dentures are a safe investment for a lifetime. You can make them more durable by cleaning them properly and practicing oral hygiene. It would be best to visit dentists regularly to get a proper cleaning for your gums by removing dentures. If germs accumulate there, it will lead to serious infectious diseases of the oral cavity.


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